There had normally been a force of railroad policemen, and some of the folks have been first-rate men. But there had been not adequate of them and they had been not properly organized. There had always been a very simple way of telling about exactly where the robbery had occurred, replica watches best however it had not been made use of. Just about every freight automobile when loaded is sealed having a string of tin looped by means of staples on the sliding door and doorframe and fastened having a small ball of lead.

A Youngster may break that seal, but as soon as broken no amount of ingenuity could disguise the truth that it had been tampered with. But what was the very good of discovering, in the finish of a freight car's journey, that it had been tampered with somewhere on the American continent? The problem was to find out at what points freight vehicles were getting looted.

That was one of the first things to be completed in clearing up the mystery from the annual disappearance of all manner of goods, silk, cigarettes, automobile tires, canned food, as well as other types of merchandise worth millions of dollars. Consequently arrangements had been made to have freight trains moved by means of a corridor of police inspections.

Between Chicago and New York a tram could possibly cease a number of dozen occasions. Nonetheless it was supplied that each time there was a quit each and every seal had to be examined. If a policeman at one particular stop reported all seals intact along with the one who produced the subsequent examination discovered that many have been broken, that bit of facts was a vital help in recovering the stolen goods and capturing the robbers.

"This is lava," stated the distinguished Columbia geologist. "It can be a peculiar form of lava and I can guarantee that it came from just one place. Mt. Vesuvius."

THAT was a single robbery about which the New York Central could cease to difficulty itself. The ship that had carried a cargo of cheese across the ocean to New York had stopped en route at Naples. Of course the substitution had occurred there. The railroad was not responsible.

The switching of rubbish for merchandise is often a popular trick of freight thieves. The motive is normally the same-to delay discovery in the crime so long as probable breitling copies for sale ; and, needless to say, an empty box would arouse the suspicion on the initially individual to deal with it. Among railroad men this sort of point is spoken of as a concealed loss.

Sometimes it happens that the rubbish exchanged for stolen goods leads the detectives unerringly for the thieves. Once a ship that had left the Amazon loaded with crude rubber was found, when preparations had been produced to unload her, breitling replica paypal to become partially filled with rocks. Where had the substitution occurred? The ship was tied up at a railroad pier, but in her log was written the record of a five-thousand-mile journey. breitling replica swiss Were the thieves in South America, the West Indies, New York, or aboard ship

Specimens of your rock were submitted to Professor Berkey. He identified them as pieces of concrete, and the concrete had been produced from Extended Island sand. The trail was hot! A concrete pier was being demolished inside the immediate vicinity of the ship's berth. That was bringing the crime pretty close towards the men accountable.

OCCURRENCES of this sort illustrate a most significant element inside the lowering in the robbery losses on the New-York Central as well as other American railroads. The railroad police have discovered tips on how to localize crimes.

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