Hours later the men inside the sealed auto heard above the clamor of its thirty-mile-an-hour speed the sound of feet around the roof. Then a heavy body scraped against the side of the automobile. They waited tensely. The door was pushed open. A strip of blue light relieved the gloom in the automobile interior. The shooting began at as soon as. It was by no means a one-sided battle.

The invader answered them shot for shot to get a space. Then for any second or two that passed as slowly as hours there was no firing. The two males in ambush heard a body crash heavily towards the floor. Once more they heard measures around the roof, fired up a lange sohne datograph , and waited expectantly. But nothing at all occurred. That other thief had jumped from the moving train into the darkness.

When the freight train stopped in the next station two more of Chief Roosa's males joined the pair within the automobile. The man with whom they had fought was dying.

Chief Roosa's men hastened back for the point around the appropriate of way exactly where the gun fight had begun. There they identified and made a prisoner of a dazed particular person they identified as an old auto thief referred to as Shanahan. Him they locked in jail, but where was Perry

Perry, the prosperous farmer, came for the jail boldly to determine about finding the release of his hired man and was promptly locked up. Adequate evidence was dug up to bring a conviction plus a prison sentence.

EAST of Buffalo the New York Central police are below the command of Chief James D. Roosa, who weighs about 220 pounds when he is in situation, as he frequently is. For some time all his guys had been acquiring frequent pistol practice. At night just before they rolled into bed, and within the morning as their feet touched the floor, they would practice. They would draw their guns inside a manner taught them by an professional, aim in the doorknob, after which squeeze the trigger. Certainly they always went via these exercises with unloaded guns quality panerai replica watches . The point is they practiced as faithfully as old-time gunmen of your West. Also they had been offered frequent possibilities to fire their guns on a range using as a target a swinging silhouette fashioned inside the shape of a man.

On a farm in the hilly area south of Niagara Falls, N. Y., there was a man who also practiced with pistols and rifles incessantly. This supposed farmer's hired hands also practiced. The man's name was Perry. best quality replica watches He was a Westerner and anything of a sinister mystery to his neighbors; but he was no longer a mystery to Chief Roosa and a few of his detectives.

They have been convinced that this man was the leader from the most daring gang of freight thieves in the United states of america. Virtually any among the daring freight robberies inside a radius of 1 hundred miles from Perry's farm may possibly justly be attributed, they felt, to this toughest of all automobile burglars. But tips on how to catch him

Chief Roosa stopped shaving to get a couple of days; so did ten of his best males. Then, once they closely resembled a collection of hard hoboes fake panerai watches , they started north for a section of the railroad generally known as the Falls Road. It runs from Oswego to Niagara. In some manner Chief Roosa had learned that an attempt was to become created to rob a certain freight car or truck loaded with pricey furs.

IT WAS a dark night when that fur car or truck was shunted back and forth in the railroad yards till it had develop into part of a freight train. Secreted inside the car or truck were a couple of tough searching citizens who rode silently in nests they had formed for themselves in the bales and boxes of freight.

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